Friday, July 24, 2009

Malaysia XI 2 ManYoo 3

There was no Ronaldo. There was no Carlos Tevez. And yet, there were a hundred thousand of us in the ground. This is a true reflection of the club. It’s always been Manchester United first and individuals second.

No player is bigger than the club. Who knows? Maybe if Ronnie was here we could have filled the stadium up twice over? But who cares?

For the hundred thousand that turned up, we were there to watch our team.

For those who didn’t turn up because Ronnie or Carlito wasn’t there, they can go and watch Real or City for all I care.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cmon You Reds!

Is this all we're getting this season Sir? I would be lying if I said I'm worried about getting a proper replacement for Ronnie but I do agree with Sir that we're not going to spend stupid money and be held to ransom.
Whatever said and done, I am looking forward to the new season...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farewell boys

Looks like Ronnie's finally got his dream move.... during last season, I have to be honest and admit that because he didn't look particularly happy playing for us I would have been estatic to have sold him for a world record fee.

I had also made pleas for Sir to keep Carlitos as I saw the amout of effort he had been putting in for the team.

Now that the season's done and dusted and move have moved on, I feel the reverse. I wished Ronnie had stayed and am estatic that Carlitos has gone.

The way both players have conducted themselves have been polar opposites of each other and also their own attitudes from last season.

Ronnie has stopped sulking and have been singing praises to ManYoo and Sir whilst Carlitos have done nothing but whinge and bitch about Sir and how the club mistreated him.
Oh well, players move on but the club is the club.
Good luck Ronnie and F@#$ you Carlitos.