Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting a bit worried now...

It's been a few weeks since we've sold Ronnie so I was expecting us to be quite busy on the transfer market.

But instead, it's all gone silent and Real seems to be interested in everyone we've been linked with from Valencia to Villa to Ribery to Benzema. Actually, they have been linked to every footballer and their puppy.

Am not holding my breadth buy it's gonna be long long summer.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Should have gone to Vegas instead

Looks like Rio should have followed our Wesley to Vegas instead! What the F@#$ do you have on son? Did Ronnie leave his wardrobe behind?

What challenge son?

I’m tired of hearing that players like Kaka and Ronaldo joining Real Madrid for a “bigger challenge”. It’s La Liga for god’s sake! Premiership failures like Kanoute and Forlan end up as top scorers there!

It’s also a 2 horse race between Real and Barca almost every other year. So what’s the challenge in that?

If it’s the Champion’s League, surely they can get that challenge from their last clubs can’t they?

If it’s a real challenge that they are looking for, why didn’t they join a smaller club like Denilson did with Real Betis?

Come on guys. Just be honest and admit that you're there for glamour, hot Spanish chicks, easy money and to add to your personal medal hauls the easy way. I'd respect you more for that!

My last rant was published in the famous Football365 site ;)

check it out @:,17033,8744_5382275,00.html

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 reasons why the Galticos will fail

Only time will tell if the 2nd Galiticos era will bring Real success.

Judging from what we've seen over the last few years, all indications are that it will all end in tears. There are 3 fundamental flaws in how certain clubs are managed, especially the 'richer' clubs like Real and Chelski.

Flaw # 1 - Players being paid more than their managers

This is by no means exclusive to Real and Chelski as most clubs experiences this. It makes no sense that the person actually in charge of the team is getting paid less than potentially half of his charges. How can one demand the respect of his subordinates when he can't even match their spending power?

A typical training conversation could go down the following route:

Manager: "Yo Ronnie! Do another lap round the track will ya?

Ronnie: "Yo! Why don't i pay you 10grand to do it yourself?"

Thus the age of super egos amongst the players was born. It also created an atmosphere where the managers are now pressured to prove themselves to the players instead of the other way round.

Flaw # 2: Players having the direct line to the president / owner of the club.

Club presidents / owners who have direct contact with players on regular basis are basically asking for trouble. They are not only undermining their managers, they are also inflating their the player's already over inflated egos.

Even great managers like Mourinho and Capello have suffered because of this, with players going directly to their club presidents / owners whispering all sort of nonsense and getting their managers sacked. Note that neither Real or Chelski had great success after having Capello or Mourinho removed.

Flaw # 3: Having your president / owner treats the team as his team

It may be his club but it's not his team. It's the manager's team. Being a club president / owner means that he's probably a very good business man and pretty handy at wheeling and dealing. But it doesn't mean that he's a footballing master tactician.

By meddling with the team, he'll just end up either alienating his manager and over indulging his players (step up Roman Ambrovich, Ramon Calderon, Florentino Perez) or worst case scenario, alienating everyone (Jesus Gil, Mike Ashley)

So these presidents /owners will inevitably end up hiring and then firing a whole hosts of yes men managers along the way.....

Having said all that, the 2nd coming of the Galaticos will be quite a ride. Watching them implode will be exciting!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best Player In The World

Did I miss something? 2 weeks ago, Lionel Messi was the best player in the planet. Then 2 days ago, ManYoo apparently sold the best player in the world to Real. When the f#$% did we buy Messi?

Friday, June 12, 2009

So who we gonna buy!?

Now that we're rich, I hope we spend the money wisely. On the top of everyone's wishlist is Ribery and Benzema. Hope that it really happens too and we have a bit left to but some cover for center mid but I'm sure Sir knows what to do.... in Sir we trust.

Ronnie leaving us is hard on us but not catastrophic. Sir's retirement will be.

That's expensive...!

If we are to believe Sir, then he would be the world's most expensive virus.
If we listen to Sepp Blatter, then he is the most expensive Slave ever.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

See ya later alligator!

Looks like Senor Perez didn't take my advice on buying Newcastle and decided to go for Ronnie instead!

Anyway, for 80 million pounds, you can have him my friend! I love the guy and don't think we could have won the Champion's League 2 seasons ago without him buy hey, 80 mil is a lot of money.

Over the last season, Ronnie's seems to have grown a bit too big for his own shoes and it's not good for team spirit. No one is bigger than the club.

So thank you Ronnie for the memories. We had a blast with you nd wished you stayed but it's time for you to bugger off and sulk somewhere else and where better than Real ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why buy a few players when you can get a whole club!?

Hey Senor Perez! Instead of splashing silly euros around buying just few players, who don't you just buy a club lock, stock and barrel? Drop a line to Mister Ashley in UK why don' t you?

What happens in Vegas...

...doesn't really stay in Vegas does it? After almost an entire season out with injury, our Wesley Brown decides to drop by Vegas for a little R&R ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Galatico era all over again...

Looks like Senor Perez has decided to build his second era of Galaticos. Fresh from acquiring Kaka, he's now targeting Ronnie and half of Europe. Having said that, I think the likelihood him bagging Ribery is much higher. Hopefully, he is able to steal Alonso from the cash strapped scousers too!

Hope Ronnie stays but if his mind isn't here and we can collect some serious dosh for him I say we sell him.... bet we can buy a decent player or 2 with that sort of financing.

More importantly, we only want players who wants to stay (I'm looking @ you too Carlito)..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Credit Crunch?

Praying for a way out?

The world of football is about the blow the financial world up.

Roman may have recovered his roubles that he had lost recently and has already recruited Ancelotti to take over as manager. With a shopping list that reads as a who's who in the football world, Ancelotti will be like a kid in a candy store.

Perez back in his second stint in Real has also claimed to have a budget of more than a 100m euros to spend with a shopping list that mirrors Roman's.

And who can forget the Arabs over @ Citeh? The Richest Club In The World TM will surely not rest it's laurels after signing such big stars like Craig Bellamy mid season.

All this will surely play into the hands of the agents of the likes of Ronaldo, Kaka, Ribery, Alonso, etc.

It will be a summer of musical chairs and crazy money!