Tuesday, December 29, 2009

5th Defeat Of The Season

I think the Fulham game was the worst I have seen us play in many years. However, I guess it was just inventible that it was going to happen sooner rather than later. We’ve ridden our luck on many occasions this season and we’ve hardly struck any form at all.

Sure, the decimated backline was definitely a big factor for our poor run of results but that should sort itself out once we have everyone back. Having said that, I do feel that both Vida and Rio seems to have lost some edge this season and I’m hoping that it’s because of the lingering injuries.

Our main problem lies way upfront.

Ronnie’s departure only served to expose what was there for all to see the last few years, which is the fact that we need a proven goal scorer that we’ve been missing since the departure of RVN.

Rooney and Berba are great playing behind a main man and maybe Lil Mickey could have had been the answer but he seems to have lost his main weapon, that extra yard.

Can sir coax Ole back out from retirement?

Bye bye Sparky

Sparky had always been my favourite player of his era, eclipsing even the likes of King Eric. His lion hearted display always made me feel he gave a fuck about the club and his goals for us had always been memorable. If you thought Scholes could volley, you’ve never seen Hughes in action.

When he stepped into management, I only wished him all the best and when he was managing Blackburn, I always kept an eye on their results. Even after it was announced that he was going to manage Citeh, I still had no ill feelings towards him although I secretly knew he had just crossed himself from the list of future United managers.

But then things started to change. Sparky became more and more of an arse. He took whinging to new levels. He defended indefensible players and their indefensible actions with the most feeble excuses. And he thought that the damn Tevez poster was funny.

But most important of all, he also showed that 1) he cannot buy wisely even with all the money in the world 2) he cannot manage big egos 3) he’s tactically inept.

And he paid the price for it.

As for me, I am just glad that Citeh paid to find that out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not bad @ all....!

Playing a backline comprising of Carrick, Fletchron and Evra and running out 3-1 winners. Well done Sir! Masterclass.....!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Who is the 12th Man?

Given the latest Chelski and Pool results, it looks like the refs are getting into the act too...

Friday, August 28, 2009

ManYoo 5 Wigan 0 - That's better....

Took a while to get started (even in this game!) but @ least the strikers got the shooting boots back on!

The worrying thing is that we don't look like we're firing on all cylinders and we have Arse who are bang on form up next.

But we'll see......

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not the best of starts!

2 games at the start of the season against promoted sides and we only yielded 3 points and 1 goal.

Birmingham and Burnley were supposed to be automatic points but looks like we now have to fight all the way through the season.

We haven't really replaced Ronnie yet and that's alright, we don't expect to. But we do really need to start kicking into gear soon or we'll soon find ourselves too far behind.

Might be realistic to expect good cup runs only this year then....!

Monday, August 10, 2009

ManYoo 2 Chelski 2 (Charity Shield)

Forget about replacing Ronaldo. Sir should start sweating about replacing Van Der Sar!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just thought this was funny

Saturday, August 1, 2009


If the post season warm up tours were anything to go by, Sir's decision to sign Lil Mickey Owen has every sign of being a master stroke.

Lil Mickey looks everyone bit like the striker that we've been missing since RVNs departure. In fact, he looks and plays more like Ole in his heydays and is exactly what we've been missing for the last few years.... a natural goalscorer. Someone who puts it away with minimum fuss.

Berba, Rooney and Tevez have displayed time and again that they like the deeper roles and almost always needs that extra touch in front of goal. Lil Mickey on the other hand likes to lead the line and doesn't need that extra touch. He's more than happy to stick his feet out to poke it home. And more importantly, he always seems to know when and where to to that.

Hopefully, his form will carry on and he'll stay injury free and Sir will be hailed as a genius again!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Malaysia XI 2 ManYoo 3

There was no Ronaldo. There was no Carlos Tevez. And yet, there were a hundred thousand of us in the ground. This is a true reflection of the club. It’s always been Manchester United first and individuals second.

No player is bigger than the club. Who knows? Maybe if Ronnie was here we could have filled the stadium up twice over? But who cares?

For the hundred thousand that turned up, we were there to watch our team.

For those who didn’t turn up because Ronnie or Carlito wasn’t there, they can go and watch Real or City for all I care.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cmon You Reds!

Is this all we're getting this season Sir? I would be lying if I said I'm worried about getting a proper replacement for Ronnie but I do agree with Sir that we're not going to spend stupid money and be held to ransom.
Whatever said and done, I am looking forward to the new season...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farewell boys

Looks like Ronnie's finally got his dream move.... during last season, I have to be honest and admit that because he didn't look particularly happy playing for us I would have been estatic to have sold him for a world record fee.

I had also made pleas for Sir to keep Carlitos as I saw the amout of effort he had been putting in for the team.

Now that the season's done and dusted and move have moved on, I feel the reverse. I wished Ronnie had stayed and am estatic that Carlitos has gone.

The way both players have conducted themselves have been polar opposites of each other and also their own attitudes from last season.

Ronnie has stopped sulking and have been singing praises to ManYoo and Sir whilst Carlitos have done nothing but whinge and bitch about Sir and how the club mistreated him.
Oh well, players move on but the club is the club.
Good luck Ronnie and F@#$ you Carlitos.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting a bit worried now...

It's been a few weeks since we've sold Ronnie so I was expecting us to be quite busy on the transfer market.

But instead, it's all gone silent and Real seems to be interested in everyone we've been linked with from Valencia to Villa to Ribery to Benzema. Actually, they have been linked to every footballer and their puppy.

Am not holding my breadth buy it's gonna be long long summer.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Should have gone to Vegas instead

Looks like Rio should have followed our Wesley to Vegas instead! What the F@#$ do you have on son? Did Ronnie leave his wardrobe behind?

What challenge son?

I’m tired of hearing that players like Kaka and Ronaldo joining Real Madrid for a “bigger challenge”. It’s La Liga for god’s sake! Premiership failures like Kanoute and Forlan end up as top scorers there!

It’s also a 2 horse race between Real and Barca almost every other year. So what’s the challenge in that?

If it’s the Champion’s League, surely they can get that challenge from their last clubs can’t they?

If it’s a real challenge that they are looking for, why didn’t they join a smaller club like Denilson did with Real Betis?

Come on guys. Just be honest and admit that you're there for glamour, hot Spanish chicks, easy money and to add to your personal medal hauls the easy way. I'd respect you more for that!

My last rant was published in the famous Football365 site ;)

check it out @: http://www.football365.com/mailbox/story/0,17033,8744_5382275,00.html

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 reasons why the Galticos will fail

Only time will tell if the 2nd Galiticos era will bring Real success.

Judging from what we've seen over the last few years, all indications are that it will all end in tears. There are 3 fundamental flaws in how certain clubs are managed, especially the 'richer' clubs like Real and Chelski.

Flaw # 1 - Players being paid more than their managers

This is by no means exclusive to Real and Chelski as most clubs experiences this. It makes no sense that the person actually in charge of the team is getting paid less than potentially half of his charges. How can one demand the respect of his subordinates when he can't even match their spending power?

A typical training conversation could go down the following route:

Manager: "Yo Ronnie! Do another lap round the track will ya?

Ronnie: "Yo! Why don't i pay you 10grand to do it yourself?"

Thus the age of super egos amongst the players was born. It also created an atmosphere where the managers are now pressured to prove themselves to the players instead of the other way round.

Flaw # 2: Players having the direct line to the president / owner of the club.

Club presidents / owners who have direct contact with players on regular basis are basically asking for trouble. They are not only undermining their managers, they are also inflating their the player's already over inflated egos.

Even great managers like Mourinho and Capello have suffered because of this, with players going directly to their club presidents / owners whispering all sort of nonsense and getting their managers sacked. Note that neither Real or Chelski had great success after having Capello or Mourinho removed.

Flaw # 3: Having your president / owner treats the team as his team

It may be his club but it's not his team. It's the manager's team. Being a club president / owner means that he's probably a very good business man and pretty handy at wheeling and dealing. But it doesn't mean that he's a footballing master tactician.

By meddling with the team, he'll just end up either alienating his manager and over indulging his players (step up Roman Ambrovich, Ramon Calderon, Florentino Perez) or worst case scenario, alienating everyone (Jesus Gil, Mike Ashley)

So these presidents /owners will inevitably end up hiring and then firing a whole hosts of yes men managers along the way.....

Having said all that, the 2nd coming of the Galaticos will be quite a ride. Watching them implode will be exciting!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best Player In The World

Did I miss something? 2 weeks ago, Lionel Messi was the best player in the planet. Then 2 days ago, ManYoo apparently sold the best player in the world to Real. When the f#$% did we buy Messi?

Friday, June 12, 2009

So who we gonna buy!?

Now that we're rich, I hope we spend the money wisely. On the top of everyone's wishlist is Ribery and Benzema. Hope that it really happens too and we have a bit left to but some cover for center mid but I'm sure Sir knows what to do.... in Sir we trust.

Ronnie leaving us is hard on us but not catastrophic. Sir's retirement will be.

That's expensive...!

If we are to believe Sir, then he would be the world's most expensive virus.
If we listen to Sepp Blatter, then he is the most expensive Slave ever.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

See ya later alligator!

Looks like Senor Perez didn't take my advice on buying Newcastle and decided to go for Ronnie instead!

Anyway, for 80 million pounds, you can have him my friend! I love the guy and don't think we could have won the Champion's League 2 seasons ago without him buy hey, 80 mil is a lot of money.

Over the last season, Ronnie's seems to have grown a bit too big for his own shoes and it's not good for team spirit. No one is bigger than the club.

So thank you Ronnie for the memories. We had a blast with you nd wished you stayed but it's time for you to bugger off and sulk somewhere else and where better than Real ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why buy a few players when you can get a whole club!?

Hey Senor Perez! Instead of splashing silly euros around buying just few players, who don't you just buy a club lock, stock and barrel? Drop a line to Mister Ashley in UK why don' t you?

What happens in Vegas...

...doesn't really stay in Vegas does it? After almost an entire season out with injury, our Wesley Brown decides to drop by Vegas for a little R&R ;)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Galatico era all over again...

Looks like Senor Perez has decided to build his second era of Galaticos. Fresh from acquiring Kaka, he's now targeting Ronnie and half of Europe. Having said that, I think the likelihood him bagging Ribery is much higher. Hopefully, he is able to steal Alonso from the cash strapped scousers too!

Hope Ronnie stays but if his mind isn't here and we can collect some serious dosh for him I say we sell him.... bet we can buy a decent player or 2 with that sort of financing.

More importantly, we only want players who wants to stay (I'm looking @ you too Carlito)..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Credit Crunch?

Praying for a way out?

The world of football is about the blow the financial world up.

Roman may have recovered his roubles that he had lost recently and has already recruited Ancelotti to take over as manager. With a shopping list that reads as a who's who in the football world, Ancelotti will be like a kid in a candy store.

Perez back in his second stint in Real has also claimed to have a budget of more than a 100m euros to spend with a shopping list that mirrors Roman's.

And who can forget the Arabs over @ Citeh? The Richest Club In The World TM will surely not rest it's laurels after signing such big stars like Craig Bellamy mid season.

All this will surely play into the hands of the agents of the likes of Ronaldo, Kaka, Ribery, Alonso, etc.

It will be a summer of musical chairs and crazy money!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here we go again....

Look out for this over the next few months. I reckon it won't stop till 3 days before the next season starts.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Let's face it, 3 out of 5 ain't bad

Much was said about ManYoo's failure to retain the Champions League over the last few days. Emails ranging from ones calling for Sir's retirement to ABUs gloating about ManYoo's inability to win the Quintuple having been flying around all over the world.

But they all missed out on 1 important fact. Out of the 5 competitions that ManYoo competed in, we won 3 of it.

So besides Everton / Chelski or Barca supporters out there, those who wrote those emails must have forgotten that their teams actually won bugger all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well Done Barca

Hat's off to Barca. Messi and co showed us what a class team they were. Their movement and short passing is something to behold. Much was said about their 'weakened' back 4 but given their attacking resources, attack was really their best form of defence.
Our boys were by no means outclassed and had some good spells, but on the night, Barca were just too good. This should lay the marker for us to gauge where we can and should improve for next season.
On their day, Barca can really be unplayable. They are not the most tactical team in the world, using almost the same formation and tactics throughout the year with not much of a Plan B. A fact even acknowledge by Pep Guradiola. But they are so good at what they are doing that the only way to nullify them seem to be to play 'anti football' like Chelski who almost did a job on them.

If you try to play football with them, they will play you off the park.

Hat's off to Barca. Well done.
We'll meet again next year ;)

The aftermath.

Boy, we're such a spoiled bunch. 3 trophies from 5 tournaments but at the end of it all, it still feels like an unfulfilled season.

Maybe it's cos in a season that promised so much, we were in with a chance to win all 5 right up till a few weeks ago. So to finish now with only 3 and missing the ultimate prize in the Champions League, it feels very very anti climatic.

Having said that, after a few days of moping, we will realise that we've done really well this season. There are still gaps to be filled but overall, the squad looks stronger then ever. All we need to do now is keep our key players and add in one or 2 additions and we should be challenging for all 5 again next year.

Well done boys!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CSL Finals - Press Conference In Full

Sir, Rio and Ronnie represented ManYoo in a press conference ahead of our Champions League final against Barcelona.

They looked relazed and fielded the following questions:

This is you 153rd Champions League game at Manchester United and you’re going against someone in his first season. How much does experience count?
Sir: It’s better to have it than not have it. The plus side is he’s at a great club with European history, he’s got a good record. It matters but it’s not the most important thing.
Looking at Lionel Messi, how do you stop a player who keeps the ball so close to his feet?
Rio: It’s going to be difficult for whoever plays against him because he has fantastic close control. But we’ve done it before. Patrice Evra has done very well against him and will have to do the same, if not better.

Is the ultimate test of greatness winning this trophy?
Sir: There are times when we should have done better in Europe and it’s an opportunity for us to get that victory which would put us along a lot of the great teams in Europe. This particular team has that future. We can do well in the next few years and hopefully tomorrow we can endorse that.

People have been talking about Messi and yourself as the best players in the World. The winner of this competition has a better chance of being named as the best. Are you thinking about that?
Ronnie: The winner will definitely have a better chance to win the honour. I don’t care about that though. What I want more is to win the Champions League.

Firstly, how’s your injury, Rio? And secondly, you care a lot about what you achieve in the game. What would it be like to win back to back league titles and Champions League trophies?
Rio: My injury is fine. I’ve been in training for the last couple of days and I feel good. I’m glad to be back. In terms of winning back to back titles, we need to achieve that, that’s what we want to do. We just want to win and then you guys [the press] can determine where that places us in football history. It’s not for us to say. We just want to win whatever competition we’re in.

What could be more difficult for Manchester United - to score or to stop Barcelona scoring?
Sir: I think for our team there is always that opportunity for us to score because we always carry a threat in terms of goals. So hopefully we can continue that way of playing tomorrow. Of course, like every game, you have to analyse your opponents. Messi is fantastic and we know exactly how powerful he can be. We hope we can cope with that and we have the players to do that, but it won’t be easy. You have to respect great players and we will do that.

Who is best, Messi or Ronaldo?
[Sir pauses and Ronnie gestures for the manager to answer]
Sir: They’re two fantastic footballers with ability and courage. No matter how many times they’re fouled they get up and they attack the ball. Both have different qualities, but both are courageous. How can you divide them? It is very difficult.

Martin Samuel wonders can a team be considered truly great without winning European Cup?
Sir: I think in general terms, yes, you have to win this to be considered great. There have been a lot of unlucky teams. The great teams have to win the cup though, as far as I’m concerned. Unlucky as you may be in life it can’t always be that way. You have to win this trophy to be regarded as great.

Barcelona haven’t been practising penalties. Last season you missed a penalty, Ronaldo. Have you and your team mates been practising?
[Ronaldo clearly not happy].
Ronnie: Alot. Exactly.

These finals can be shaped by substitutes. Looking at the possible benches, do you think you’ve got more options than Barca?
Sir: Barcelona don’t know exactly who is going to be fit, with Henry and Iniesta. We have very good subs and hopefully that can make a difference.

How will match be won tomorrow? What will be key to victory?
Sir: We have to play well to win tomorrow. Concentration will be important and having a bit of a luck, which all teams get, at certain moments of the game can turn the game. Hopefully we get a bit of luck.

With all the pre-match talk focussing on Messi and Ronaldo, do you think they take pressure off rest of their team?
Ronnie: It is normal that people speak about me but I’m 100% focussed on game. I know people want to know things about him and me but I am very focussed and I try to help my team, score a goal, and win the game.

What are your thoughts on making Park the first Asian player to feature in the Champions League final and what do you expect from him?
Sir: I think it was a terrible disappointment not to include him in the squad last year, but I can assure him that he will play tomorrow. He makes an impact which is different to Ronaldo and Messi. He has a fantastic understanding of space and movement. Park doesn’t need the ball to make a difference.

In 1999 you gave a famous team talk which reminded their players that this might be their only chance to get anywhere near the European Cup. How will you address them tomorrow?
Sir: I’ve not thought about it. These things usually happen during the night, around 3 in the morning, when I get inspiration from deep chambers of my brain! At the moment there’s nothing.

In 1991 you played in white and beat Barcelona and now we see a repeat of a white strip. I should remind you though that the last time Barcelona played a team in white they won 6-2!
[Ferguson laughs]
Sir: It wasn’t just a vicotry, that was an annihilation! Why it happened is because Barcelona were drawn as the home team so they play their home strip, and we have to choose ours. Our home kit and our blue kit are too similar to theirs, so we were left with white one but we are happy at that. And we’re better than Madrid!

How much more challenging is it to retain the Champions League than to simply win it?
Sir: Well we’ve never done it and it’s never been done. We’re good at doing things for the first time. It’s interesting, it’s unusual than nobody has defended it. In the 60’s and 70’s it was done regularly, teams winning two or three times in a row. We have an opportunity to change the record, hopefully we can take it.

Barca have evolved since you beat them in Champions League last season. How do you expect to manage their improvement?
Sir: We didn’t play well in Barcelona last season but in the second game we did better. In the last 15 minutes we got nervous. We had to defend and we were anxious because we were so close to the final. But up until that time we played well and looked quite comfortable. At the end of the day, we were lucky that Henry headed straight in to Van der Sar’s arms in the last few minutes. Our performance in Barcelona wasn’t good enough but the second game we did well.

Have you sensed hunger to retain the trophy in this squad?
Sir: When the chips were down in Porto they rose to that. It was a fantastic performance. In the second leg at the Emirates, and Arsenal never lost there, we showed ourselves again, our capabilities. They didn’t play beyond themselves, but to their capabilities.

Alex, you said after 1999 it would never be done again. Has this team exceeded what you imagined possible?
Sir: Japan was a big, big test for us. Then to come back and play on Boxing Day at Stoke City, it showed you something about the character of the team. It wasn’t a great performance but we showed great character. We didn’t want to lose. When you get a bunch of players who are talented and don’t want you lose, then you’re looking at a special team.

How do you feel playing at this stadium?
Ronnie: To be honest, this is a great stadium. I feel good to play here. I’ve played well here before and I have to play well tomorrow. I look forward to playing here and to win. It will be special.

Chelsea were criticised for playing defensively against Barcelona and Manchester United played defensively last season. What do you think of this?
Sir: Defending is part of the game, but we are different to Chelsea. When my defenders are at the top, there is no one better. That is the foundation to win the match, but the players who score and create will win match for us.

The fun stuff leading up to the finals....

Here's some fun stuff to ease the tension before the finals...

Firstly, Ronnie continues to plan for his retirement and inevitable career in TV journalism. So here he is, conducting an interview with the World Player Of The Year


The we have Giggsy has a cool Reebok commercial with Henry, specially made for the Finals


Here we go!

Tonight's the night!

Barca has been going on and on about being the people's champion and how they deserve the title. All the talking will end tonight and someone is gonna conquer Rome.

Looking at tactics and strategies, I suspect Sir will be conservative and not try to play Barca with an attacking lineup. That would be suicide.

Chelski has shown us how you can deal with Barca. Absorb and absorb, and then try to hit them on the counter. Barca moves the ball around so well it will be crazy to think that you can hound them all night.

This will probably mean that we'll maintain the tactic we used with Le Arse. Ronnie will be our lone striker suppoted by Park and Rooney from the sides with a hardworking trio in the middle.

The back four should remain the same (hoping Rio can be fit on time!)

Key will be how we shackle Iniesta and Xavi. Evra will also have his hands (and feet) full with Messi and will need all the help Rooney can offer.

Hopefully Ronnie will be up for it tonight and the backline holds up.

Cmon you Reds! Lets give Sir Matt a belated 100yr b'day gift ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Here we go again. Is he staying or is he off to Madrid.... again!?

The Sun in UK has an exclusive claiming Ronnie's off for 70m pounds whilst the Portugeezer himself has been quoted in other papers as saying he is staying and that Sir is like a 2nd dad to him.

Most observers feel that if ManYoo wins the Champions League this season, he's off as he has nothing to prove anymore in UK.
So what exactly will he prove in Spain with Real Madrid then? He's the best player in the world now because he's got a very strong backline to build up from. He's also got a wonderful engine room full of skillful players willing to run themselves to the ground for the cause. It also goes without saying that he's got wonderful support upfront as well. We also shouldn't forget to mention the strong and consistent management team that has long term vision.

With Real, you have Saint Iker at the back but that's nulified by having Pepe the Clown around. Ramos is too busy either sulking or chasing skirts and Cannavaro is going back to Italy. In the middle, you have a former Pompey player marshalling the center circle. Need I say more? Oh, don't forget they have Julein Faubert too! Upfront, there's Raul and RVN back next season. Both are world class strikers. If only they weren't a hundred years old between them.

Bottom line is if Real really wants to build a squad around Ronnie, they best spend that 70m building that squad first cos at the moment, they have the weakest Real Madrid squad in a long long time and having Ronaldo there alone running up and down the right wing, flapping his arms and throwing tantrums when things aren't going right ain't gonna help them.....

Hull 0 ManYoo 1

The kids are alright. Not even sure if the team Sir put out can be described as the reserve team but hey, they won and never looked in any danger of losing. And another cleansheet to go with that thanks. And Vida and Rio weren't even on the bench.

That's strength in depth.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where did it all go wrong for Liverpool?

Wednesday 25th May 2005 is the day it all went wrong.

They won the Champions League that day of course. But they also thought that day that they had found the greatest manager in the world. The one who will lead them to revive past glories.

Some Liverpool supporters still think this of course. Conveniently ignoring the fact that Rafa has taken Jose's throne as the king of bizarre rants in England and has also overtaken Arsene as the sorest loser.

In between, he has also managed to tarnish Liverpool's proud history and tradition by dragging his internal spats with the owners into the public eye and using the supporters to further his cause.

Did I also mention all the money's he's spent to build a lightweight squad that's not up for the marathon that is the league?

After that night in Istanbul, the trophy cabinets have remained empty and gathered dust.

Somehow, they still think Rafa is the right man. A Liverpool supporting friend of mine recently asked, if not Rafa then who? Who else is big enough to lead Liverpool?

My question is why do you need a big, well know name? Sure, Liverpool is a big club with strong traditions and a high standard to maintain. But they haven't won anything big except for that 1 trophy in donkey year' for f@#@$ sake! So why would there be that much pressure?

Had anyone heard of Arsene Wenger before he took over at Arsenal? Did Pep Guardiola have a sterling managerial career before taking over at Barca?

You'd understand that the person that comes into a club that had a Billionaire owner that demands immediate returns would need to have the experience and credentials. Or someone that had to take over Sir's job next season if he so chooses to retire as they have been winning all before them.

But makes you think that you need a 'big' manager if underachievement is a given at your club for close to 20 years?

Have we seen the back of him for the last time?

Final Insult! screamed a newspaper headline today. Apparently ManYoo's first 11 was leaked out and Carlito's name was not on the list. Hence the headline.

Lazy journalism I say. If they had done their research, they would know that Carlito was hardly a Champions League first teamer to begin with. Berba had been Sir's preferred choice to partner Rooney upfront and more recently, Sir had been playing Ronnie upfront alone.

So not sure why the fact Carlito's name is not on the teamsheet such a big deal.

I have said many times before and I will say it again. I hope he stays.

However, his recent outbursts with the press and threats to join Liverpool of all people has put him down a few notches in my estimation and he needs to know that no player is bigger than the club. To hold the club hostage with threats to join the scousers is way below the belt and we know what happened to the last Argentine who tried that!

Players will come and go but Manchester United will always be here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ooh Aah Cantona!

Eric is back on the Silver Screen again. This he plays himself in the movie 'Looking for Eric'.

It's a movie about a footie-mad postman who gets life coaching from Eric Cantona.

The trailer of the film can be seen here:

Eric's also walked the red carpet in Cannes for this movie. Footages of that can be seen here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goal Of The Season 08 / 09

Ronnie gets the plaudits for his goal against Porto:


Kiko Macheda - Academy Player of the Year winner 2008 / 2009

This boy probably won us the league

Watch him get his award here:

Nemanja Vidic - Player Of The Year 2008/ 2009

Voted by both fans and teamates alike....the DOUBLE!

He comes from Serbia, he'll f@#$king murder ya!


How desperate are these guys? Knowing that they have already lost the most important battle with us (the EPL of course), they had to grasp @ straws and were aiming to @ least beat us in trivial things like least clean sheet, highest scorers, etc.

Here's a fact Rafa, those don't win you points. You only win the league by winning points. Duh.

See link for comical fight between Carragher & Arbeloa. Carra getting in Arbeloa face for not pulling his weight in defensive duties...


rafa - what a clown

Fresh after claiming that ManYoo was not the best team in the league ("there are best teams thru different periods of the league" - what a laugh), now Rafa's refused to congratulate Sir.

Add that in his other rants throughout the season, you can't really tell where this clown is coming from.

In the past, Sir's crossed swords with the likes of Arsene and Jose and you can see that however ridiculous some of their comments were at times, they did it for the benefit of their players whom they wanted to shield. Jose was truly a genius at this and has never failed to come up with something original.

Rafa on the other hand only seems to do it for either his own pleasure or for no reason @ all.

Oh well, luckily for the rest of us, the scousers seem to think he's a great manager ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Will he stay or will he go?

Now that the EPL season is done and dusted, the silly season has begun. For some, like our Carlito, the season has started early and speculation on his future is still rife.

Carlito himself has been quite non commital about it (see attached video)


Hope he stays though....

Ronnie's new career with Sky

Not sure if Real is going to be his next destination, but who knows, maybe Ronnie's next move will be a pundit with Sky Sports?

Check out his debut interview with Anderson:


What if the scousers actually had a decent manager?

Loved that Rafa has moved his soundbites from his version of 'facts' to 'ifs' claiming that 'if' they hadn't had so many injuries, they would be in a better position.

Boo hoo. He's conveniently forgotten that almost all teams (even those outside the Big 4) has had to contend with injuries to the key players and that it's just a fact of life.

Here's a few more 'if only' scenarios that' closer to reality Rafa:
-"If I had concentrated on sustaining my team's momentum instead on descending into lunacy by taking Sir Alex head on, we would still be leading the table".
-"If I hadn't spent all my energy at the the crucial part of the season engaging in boardroom shenanigans to earn myself a better contract"
-"If I had spent our money better in buying squad players"
-"If my ego hadn't been so big, I could have given Robbie Keane a chance instead of relying on El Zhar or David Ngog"

But hey, don't let the truth get in the way Rafa.

And BTW, we're glad you're staying ;)

CHAMPIONS!!! And that's a fact

Not one shot on target and we ended up as the Champions of England. Now that's how you win a Championship in style!

Must have hurt eh Rafa?

Friday, May 15, 2009

1 more point...

... and we will shut the scousers up for the next few months. Time to knock them off their f@#$king perch Sir!

Having said that, we'll probably be subjected to their 'next season will be our season' nonsense all over again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ManYoo 2 Wigan 1 (We always do it the hard way...)

Let’s face it. It was a wretched 1st half. The boys lost their footing, their cool and came close to losing the plot entirely too.

Wazza left his shooting boots @ home, Berba was doing his best to slow the game down with all those extra touches and Ronnie was back to his frustrating best, arms flaling on slightest contact and hands on hips when things are not going his way and for all his protests, Vida looked more like he was overpowered and lost his footing rather than fouled when we finally conceded a goal.

On top of that, you’d think that with the wages and sponsors, the boys could afford boots that would help them stay on their feet as well!

The 2nd half didn't really get any better until the introduction of the man in the news, Carlito. His drive and determination gave us an immediate lift and we were almost immediately rewarded by Carlito's 2nd goal in 2 games. Nice little flick Carlito. Sign him Sir!

Thank god Carrick popped up with the winner. Now we only need a draw @ home....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ballack's New Fitness Regime

For those who wondered about Ballack's sudden burst of speed in confronting Tom Henning Ovrebo, watch the attached clip to see the extra training he had been putting in...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tevez Off?

The season hasn't even ended yet and the transfer talks have already started. And this time, it isn't even Ronnie who's making the headlines (although that's just a matter of time, especially with Real's presidency up for grabs).

Carlito is the center of all that attention at the moment. Reports have linked him to Inter, Real, Spurs and now Liverpool.

Not sure how true all these reports are, especially the ones linking him to the scousers. How much are made up by the tabloids and how much of it was from his agent? Knowing Sir's hatred for the scousers, the Reds link could have been made up just to push Sir to keep him! That might backfire though... Heinze can testify to that. Pissing Sir off using Liverpool isn't the cleverest thing. Having said that, Carlito does hold the upper hand in the sense that he is only on loan..

Hope Carlito stays though. Given the current climate, the club will most likely not want to fork out 30mio for him but he definitely will be a valuable squad player.

We need his drive and enthusiasm to counter Berba's all too casual attitude.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ronnie's little strop

Looks like Ronnie's hissy fit is making headlines all over.

Many journos are claiming that he's disrespected Sir and the Club with his histrionics.

Am kinda torn on this one. On one hand, it's great to see that he so desperately wants to play every single minute (although some would argue that he only wanted it for personal glory), on the other, it wasn't pretty and he should have controlled himself and shown a bit of respect.

Having said that, besides 'throwing' his training top, he had spent the rest of the time just shaking his head and sulking. Not exactly the loud swearing, bottle throwing, billboard kicking type of tantrum.

Am sure Sir will have a quiet word with him on this but I don't think it warrants Sir's flying boots treatment...... yet.

Funny world though. A few months back, he was slated for walking directly to the tunnel after being subbed. This time, he's taken to task for showing some emotions.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

ManYoo 2 Citeh 0 (3 games and 4 points to go....)

Hardly what you'd expect from a Manchester derby. Citeh didn't look like they were up for it did they? No complaints though, it's the business end of the season and we got the 3 points we needed.

Was also nice to see Carlito having a good game and bagging a goal in the process. If the woodwork had been kinder, he would have had a hattrick. Carlito even had time for a little bum shake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_SsYych5Cc&feature=player_embedded

Stay Carlito. Wouldn't be the same next season without the 3 amigos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0CiS8xtmFo

The most 'exciting' part of the game was probably the sight of Ronnie throwing a tantrum after being subbed. Chill Ronnie. Game was over and we need you fit and ready over the next few weeks. Ronnie's tantrum can be seen here: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2806289/cristiano_ronaldo_moody_moment_against_city/

Having said that, there were some other highlights as well such as Rafael kept Robinho quiet all evening, Sheasy filling in for yet another position (hope Sir plays him in goal against Hull!) and Fletchtron being awarded Man Of The Match.

3 games to go boys.....

Pool 3 West Ham 0 (Another morning, another well rested night)

I stopped watching our title rival's matches in the early 2000s.

Our main rival then was Arsenal and they had a knack of scoring late late winners. I remember staying up late at night and having about 80 odd minutes of fun watching the Gunners plodding around (and sometimes even bossing games) without scoring only to have them snatch victory right at the death. Going to sleep after that was hard. Waking up the next day was even harder.

Chelski then came in and had the same knack as well except Jose's powerful but uninspiring team was even harder on the eye.

I also find that sitting thru a match supporting a team you have no affinity, hoping that they beat your rival, rather tedious (especially if that particular team is just plain crap).

So I stopped watching.

That's not to say that I watch ManYoo games only, I still watch the big games, not only on the BPL, but across Europe as well. I still love my football. But I rather not waste my time watching our rivals just to see if they lose.

This season proved no different and I can't even count the times when I wake up, surf the net only to find that the damn scousers have just won again whilst I was asleep. So I thank god I didn't waste any of my sleep.

Guess this morning was no different....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How it all started....

The first Manchester United match I ever saw was the 1979 FA Cup Final and I never forgot that game.

Manchester United lost 3-2 thanks to Alan Sunderland's last minute winner having fought back from a 2-0 deficit. Trailing right up to the 86th minute, United scored 2 goals in 2 minutes thru Gordon McQueen and Sammy McIlroy to even the score. I decided there and then that United was my team..

It didn’t matter that within the next minute or so, Alan Sunderland scored the last-minute winner. I was already a Red Devil.

The defeat still hurts today. And I still remember Alan's horrible 70's porn star mustache.

But I also remembered that’s when my journey started………………

Grainy footages of the game can be seen here: