Monday, January 4, 2010

F@#$k! What the hell is going on!?

WTF!? Another defeat! And this time against our bitter rivals from 2 divisions down!

Was hoping that the thrashing of Wigan last week would spell the endof our poor form but then this happens.

There is no excuses for this defeat. Leeds are 2 divisions down and we weren't exactly playing the reserves either.

The main problem was probably the central midfield area. Gibson and Ando are NOT a good pairing. ando tried his best and was great and breaking up attacks but going forward, he was dire. He probably can't hit a barn door from 2 yards. Gibson was and is a waste of space. The onlt thing he offers is his long distance shooting and that wasn't on show last nite.

The guys on the flanks weren't much better either. Welbeck is a foward and was totally ineffective on the flanks. He also looked lightweight so maybe a loan a few divisions down might help him build some bulk. Obertan had his worse game with us so far. Giving the ball away cheaply and not going forward enough. I feel dirty for saying this but Nani may have been the better choice!

Upfront, we still need that out and out striker. Berba and Wazza are dropping too far back and LMO has just enough time on the pitch to fluff his lines.

Hope Sir is lying about not buying in Jan...

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