Monday, January 4, 2010

Is this the answer?

Our inability to ruthlessly finish has been highlighted this season by the absence of Ronaldo although it had been the case since RVNs departure. When Ronnie was around, his 30 to 40 goals a season masked over that problem but we no longer have him to weave his magic for us now.

Rooney and Wazza are not very effective in the box and we were hoping Owen would do us the job. But as this season drags on, the problem is more obvious then ever and guess this is why we are now linked with the HULK.

Have not seen much of the Hulk except for the CSL games against United and he looked quick and strong there. I do have my doubts as I don't feel that there is enough proof that he will be a sucess with us.

My personal preference would actually be either Luis Fabiano who has proved himself at all levels with Sevilla and Brazil or my personal favuorite, Edin Dzeko, the Wolfsberg hitman who was on fire last season and seems to have carried that form this year as well. He's a big lad that will probably strive on the robust nature of the EPL and is also deadly in the box.
Hope Sir can convince the Glazers to spend some of the Ronaldo money on one of these guys!

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